Main Applications

Widely used in different industries

Food Industry

Generally speaking, the food industry customers also need the high-quality labels to highlight their brand value.Most of the food products are round containers,bottle jars,metal cans and plastic bottles.Many customers require full roll labeling or can label on bottle body and lid at the same time.And for the label material, customers prefer to choose artpaper material +glossy lamination,it is the very eco-friendly and economic choice.WINSKYS focus on food industry labeling since 2010,we are best choice for you.

food industry


The beverage industry has high requirements for label designs and bottle shapes.Most of the beverage bottles are round container, but they still have much difference.For the labels, most of them are CMYK printing with high transparent labels or special-shaped labels.Many customers require high speed and label on the fixed position.WINSKYS  will provide customized labeling machine solutions according to customer required.

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The pharmaceutical industry has high requirements for full automatic equipment.Most of customers require full roll labeling with round bottles and high labeling speed (80-200pcs/min).In order to achieve anti-counterfeiting effect, most customers need to add a laser hologram label on the bottles.WINKSYS can supply the high speed customized labeling machine for you.

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Daily industry and Cosmetic industry requires high compatibility for the labeling machine.Many customers want to label many types products just for one set machine, this machine also can paste 2 pcs labels at the same time.By the way,customers also need the machines can detect transparent labels and without bubbles.WINSKYS can solve all your problems and support the high quality customized multifunctional labeling machine.

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Our Products

Provide customized labeling machine according to customer requirement

  • Stock in US&CANADA

  • Desktop Labeler

  • Automatic Labeler

  • Semi Automatic Labeler

  • Production Line

  • Filling Machine

  • Capping Machine

  • Auto Labeler With Printer

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Our Services

Provide one-stop service from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale

customized service

Customized service

free label design service

Free label design service

After-sale service

after sale service

Customized service

Provide the most suitable customized labeling solution according to customer products,labeling requirements and budget

Free label design service

Provide label free sample,free design and high quality adhesive label printing

After-sale service

Provide the 24-hour online communication,detailed machine operation manual and video guidance, safe delivery and return visit to customer every year

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Efficient Customized Service

Matching users with different production efficiency, efficient customization of personalized equipment services, cost-effective

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Professional Technical Support

Meet the different needs, to provide you with high standards of labeling machine equipment service

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Global After-sale Service

Meet the different needs, to provide you with high standards of labeling machine equipment service

Factory & Customer Show

Support each other and grow up together

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About Winskys

WINSKYS was founded in 2003,which is located in dongguan city,guangdong province.We have specialized in producing high quality self-adhesive labels for 19 years,and become a labeller manufacturer since 2010. WINSKYS can control the labeller quality strictly,all of them are 100% exported.At present, we have served customers from more than 156 different countries.Our main markets are Europe,North America and Southeast Asia.In addition, we also have an excellent R&D team that can provide the customized labeling solution according to customer specific labeling requirements.We can provide full services from free label design, free label sample, high quality label printing to perfect labeling effect. We can be your trustful and reliable supplier!

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